WWII Submarine Veterans Memorial

Crash Dive Base, together with USS Chicago Base, has undertaken a submarine memorial project to be located in the City of Chicago. The proposed site is located on the south bank of the Chicago River, just east of the Columbus Drive Bridge. Our intention is to keep December 7, 1941 in public view, discuss and show that there were submarines built in Manitowoc Wisconsin during World War II, and to honor all United States Navy submariners, past, present and future.

Several years ago, we received a challenge from a WWII combat veteran member of our group to “not forget Pearl Harbor and Pearl Harbor Day.” We took that challenge. As you may know, submarines played a critical role in WWII. The submarine force was the most effective anti-ship and anti-submarine weapon in the entire American arsenal. We saw a need to re-educate the public on what happened here in this area, with our submarine force those many years ago, and to provide a pleasant location to sit and reflect.

WWII SubVet Memorial Video
WWII SubVet Memorial Video/Extended

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