Legacy Pavers



The Memorial Committee is offering Legacy Pavers to be placed on the base of the memorial.




The pavers (Legacy Pavers) are made by Unilock and are gray in color, to help represent the camouflage color used by the submarines of that era. They are the ECO – Priora, have a standard finish, and are either 10” X 10 “ or 10” X 5”.
The 10” X 10” are $500. ea. and the 10” X 5” are $250.ea. As mentioned, adding a symbol or logo is $10. extra.
The engraving is all CAPS, 16 characters across for both sizes. For the 10”, there are eight lines. For the 5”, there are four lines.
Pavers will be placed nearest to and around the “bulkhead” base first and then randomly around the perimeter to help fill in and balance the remaining space.

An example of the 10" X 5" Paver, engraved

An example of the 10″ X 5″ Paver, engraved


Pavers are no longer being sold.  We have met our fundraising goal, and are no longer accepting donations.  Thanks to all who have contributed.  Thank you for your interest and support.